Experience and Services







FÁBRICA DE CASAS DE MADEIRA, S.L. LAS CINCO JOTAS is a 100% Galician company, with its own factory and an accumulated experience of more than 40 years in timber work. Both factors provide total reassurance to customers: we will always be at your side and we will always give you the appropriate and specific report or advice for every situation. Can we tell you a little secret? We often have to heed the pleas (yes, you have read correctly!) from owners of timber houses or even professionals from our manufacturers' association, who, for any reason, had not purchased a "LAS CINCO JOTAS" house. Instead, they turned to importers or salespeople who later closed down, leaving them with no warranty or after-sales service. At present, FÁBRICA DE CASAS DE MADEIRA, S.L. "LAS CINCO JOTAS" offers you the best warranty and the best after-sale services in the market. We are always close to customers, to sell, build or keep their timber houses alive.







Our company produces around 50 houses every year (besides, we set up other commercial and industrial premises, as well as stalls and warehouses). This includes the manufacture and assembly of every element; tiling, installation of plumbing and electrical systems, electrical household appliances, etc. In most of the cases, our company also deals with the laying of foundations and the construction of the basement area.

Our main market is Galicia, followed by Madrid, Asturias, Cantabria, Castile and Leon and Basque Country; the rest of our production is equally distributed among the other Spanish regions and Portugal. At present, we are expanding our commercial area to all the Iberian Peninsula, by opening delegations in every region.








Our company belongs to the Asociación de Fabricantes y Constructores de Casas de Madera (AFFCM) [Association of Manufacturers and Constructors of Timber Houses], which is integrated in the Federación Española de la Industria de la Madera (FEIM) [Spanish Federation of Timber Industries]. We are also members of the Cluster de la Madera de Galicia (Galician Timber Cluster) and the Asociación de Investigación Técnica de la Madera y el Corcho (AITIM) [Association of Technical Research for Timber and Cork Industries]. This association has strongly called for the elimination of the Ten-Year Insurance Policy; at present, it is trying to regulate both the internal management of companies and their relationship with financial and insurance institutions.