"Timber is the finest and most ecological building material, and the company FÁBRICA DE CASAS DE MADEIRA, S.L. has been using only the best for more than 20 years already."

The company, holder of all timber houses built and patented by the name of LAS CINCO JOTAS, had its origin in the woodwork shop founded in the 60s by D. Julio Costas González in the city of Vigo. At present, it is still run by these professionals, all of them perfect timber connoisseurs.

It was in 1985 when the first timber constructions started, in the beginning conceived as second homes. The initial woodwork shop turned gradually into the present factory of 15000 m2. It builds and sets up every kind of constructions (especially, single-family residences as first homes), in compliance with all habitability standards.

When people talk about timber houses, they talk about LAS CINCO JOTAS. Both magazines and newspapers, as well as TV, when dealing with timber housing, they always take our LAS CINCO JOTAS models as reference. That is something that we see once and again confirmed during our regular attendance to trade fairs. Apart from fairs, many university and technical schools have visited our facilities, so that students can see first hand our factory and exhibition premises.

"The extensive team with which we surround ourselves (including draughtsmen, engineers, master builders, architects, as well as standardization and certification companies) proves our quality control. Beauty and quality, that is what we offer you for your dream house."

FÁBRICA DE CASAS DE MADEIRA, S.L. LAS CINCO JOTAS is at the forefront of the market, both technically and asthetically. You only need to have a look at our catalogue or to visit our webpage to discover the beauty of our constructions.